UGB Points FAQ

How do I sign up to recieve points?

Existing customers: Sign in to your login account and ensure that you are subscribed to recieve emails from us. You will be receiving emails from us when you have hit your next rewards status or if you have money to spend! Starting now with every purchase you make you will start receiving points! 


New customers: Create a Urban Gemms account to start earning points immediatley and redeeming your rewards! Make sure that you are subscribed to our newsletter to get a first look at new arrivals and sales! You will also be receiving emails from us when you have hit your next rewards status or if you have money to spend! 


How do I get to keep my status once I've reached a VIP tier? 

Once you've graduated to a new status, you've earned that status for the rest of the calendar year. Once the new year has started you will be brought back down to the member status. 


How do I check my points? 

Simply log into your account here on the website and click into your dashboard for our points program. You should see the amount of points you currently have in there. 


Do my points expire? 

Loyalty points never expire! No matter how long it takes for you to spend your rewardds, you have earned the points by being a loyal customer! 


Do my rewards expire? 

Yes, rewards expire. You have 60 days after you have unlocked a new reward to use that code on a purchase. 


Can I transfer my points to another account? 

No ma'am I'm sorry you can't. Points are assigned to specific email addresses and cannot be combined or transferred . 


How do I spend my points? 

You will get an email letting you know when you have unlocked a new reward. Make sure you apply the discount code to your cart during check out. You cannot use points to purchase a gift card. Points cannot be combined with a seperate sale, discount, or offer. Once you hit a reward threshold, you must use that reward coupon in a single purchase; it will not carry a remaining balance. 


I placed an order; how long will it take for my points to be applied? 

Your points will be applied once your order has shipped, so check back soon to watch those points pile up!


Are there limitations on earning points? 

Yes and no. Rewards points are eligible on merchandise purchases, so no matter how often you make a purchase, you will be able to earn points! You can also refer aas many friends as you would like to gather up those points! What does have limitations are everything else. Birthdays (obviously only 1 birthday a year), account sign up (since you can only have one account), completing your profile (which can only be done once), liking on Facebook (can only be done once), following on Instagram (can only be done once), and product reviews (you can do up to 2 product reviews per day).